London, 21 March 2024 – Andrew Eales, President of the Art of the Piano Education Awards and Elena Cobb, founder of the awards, have announced Pam Wedgwood as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2024.

“The Art of Piano Education Awards have been created to celebrate excellence in the sector, and it will be an immense honour to present Pam Wedgwood with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the inaugural Awards Ceremony at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 17th June 2024. Pam’s music has enjoyed huge and continuing popularity over several decades, inspiring a generation of pianists and educational composers. Having myself delighted in regularly teaching her music for more than thirty years, it is wonderful to have now an opportunity to recognise and applaud Pam’s immeasurable influence on piano education in this country and beyond.” 
Andrew Eales, President of the Art of the Piano Education Awards

“Pam Wedgwood is a legend among teachers and educators, and the Lifetime Achievement Award will celebrate her hard work, dedication and talent. Pam paved the way for educational piano composers, especially for women. For over thirty years, her wonderful music has helped so many teachers worldwide inspire their young pupils to learn to play the piano. The Jazzin’ About and Up-Grade! piano books remain firmly on the recommended list, and Pam’s ability to continue writing beautiful music is breathtaking.”
Elena Cobb, Founder of the Art of Piano Education Awards

‘You’d be hard-pressed to find an instrumental music teacher or student in the UK from the past 35 years who has not heard of Pam Wedgwood – her fun and engaging pieces are talked of with enthusiasm and fondness by everyone who has experienced them! Our long and joyful association with Pam as her publisher began in 1988 with the publication of Jazzin’ About. Her catalogue now numbers over 200 books in multiple languages. Sales now exceed 1.5 million copies worldwide from the popular Up-Grade! series to the best-selling It’s Never Too Late to Play Piano. We are immensely proud of the impact Pam’s music has had on so many students and with countless others are in awe of her infectious positivity and seemingly endless musical inspiration.’
Rachel Topham, Faber Music

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Pam Wedgwood on 17 June 2024 in the Elgar Room of the Royal Albert Hall during the Star Prize Festival.

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