Welcome to the Art of Piano Education Awards 2024!

The #PianoEdAwards 2024 is projected to become a significant piano event in the UK calendar. Spearheaded by Elena Cobb of EVC Music, the first event will take place on 17 June 2024 at the Royal Albert Hall, the Elgar Room, during the Star Prize Festival

Andrew Eales, currently a publishing consultant for the EVC, and a respected expert in current piano resources (Pianodao.com), has accepted the President of the Awards role.

The awards will seek to provide an annual focus on celebrating excellence and promoting positive innovation. It is planned to expand to more categories in future years, moving beyond the initial print resource focus.

Elena Cobb, ‘The awards will focus exclusively on piano resources and education in the UK and celebrate the achievements of everyone in this often-overlooked educational sector.

In its first year, the Awards will include five categories. More categories are being discussed and will be added in the coming years.’

1. The best classical piano repertoire book or series 
2. The best contemporary piano repertoire book or series 
3. The best piano method book or series
4. The best educational publication (book, magazine)
5. The Lifetime Achievement Award 

Andrew Eales, ‘The Art of Piano Education Awards present an exciting opportunity for all stakeholders in piano education. Across our sector we see tremendous dedication, commitment, passion and professionalism; these awards will provide an annual focus for recognising excellence, and for promoting positive innovation.’

A note from the organisers

Andrew Eales: “It hopefully goes without saying that my own publications should not be nominated, and cannot be considered for this year’s awards. This is a matter of transparency, and a sacrifice which necessarily applies to those organising such Awards. That said, we hope that in future years many of these roles will rotate and pass to other experts in the field.”

Elena Cobb: “As I am the event’s main organiser, the EVC Music publications will not be considered for the award.”

The Awards Trophies

The Quill by Ruth Allen

The Quill by Ruth Allen, a glass artist from Melbourne, was selected for its shape. Each trophy is a one-of-a-kind object of art created by using a very special technique. All trophies for the #PianoEdAwards are provided by the Australian Glass Art & Gifts gallery – one of our sponsors.


Ruth Allen has been passionately working with hot glass as her creative medium for more than 30 years. Ruth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Glass from the Canberra School of Art in 1993 and obtained a Master of Fine Art in Sculpture & Glass from Monash University in 2006. From 1996-2000 Ruth co-directed a hot glass studio in Auckland, NZ producing limited edition exhibition pieces, jewellery and lighting.

Ruth was the President of NZSAG (New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass) from 1995-2000 and orchestrated an extensive series of workshops and international conferences under the rubric of ‘Pacific Light’. Ruth currently works from her own hot glass studio in Coburg North.

The awards sponsors